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The Self-Compassion Symposium

Join us in a relaxed and supportive full-day experience to explore the theme of self-compassion. Guided by a variety of trained Maine Expressive Arts Therapists, you are invited to participate in discussion and creative exercises designed to increase your capacity for mindfulness and self-compassion. These workshops are created for the general public and certificates with contact hours will be provided to practicing mental health professionals. 

There is so much stress and pressure in our world today. If you are like most people, you are stretched thin between the demands of daily life - work and family, as well as attending to the norms of society and the needs of everyone around you. We often have little or no time for rest or fun. Many of us are able to easily feel compassion for others, but struggle with finding self-compassion for ourselves. We give our self-worth away. We look for others to love us wherever we cannot love ourselves. So many of us have resisted our own love for decades.


Self-compassion is an inner practice that requires shifting our attention to the love that lives behind our emotional pain.  We will learn self-love practices for treating ourselves in a kind, compassionate way whenever we suffer, fail, or feel inadequate through our own experience in a safe, nurturing setting.  As we bring attention and acceptance towards ourselves,  we are able to weave this into all of our experiences.

In addition to the full-day programming, you could also create a full weekend retreat for yourself by staying for a night or two at the Haraseeket Inn and exploring beautiful Freeport, Maine. The workshops are designed for everyone, so come learn new skills and practices for yourself and/or to share with your clients.


*A large beautiful lunch is included! Vegetarian & Gluten free options will be provided.

*Certificates with contact hours will be awarded.

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