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Conscious Art Therapy

60 Front Street

Watervile, Maine 04901

#(207) 873-9213

Many Moons

4 Cottage Street

Freeport, Maine 04032

#(207) 504-2664

What are Expressive Arts Therapies?

Expressive arts therapies combine psychology and the creative process to promote deep emotional growth and healing. The expressive arts use our natural desire to create—whether it is art, drama, poetry, music, writing, dance, or other artistic forms—as a therapeutic tool to help facilitate self-awareness and initiate change and transformation. 

Our Story

Bodhi Simpson and Stephanie Cimmet are two art therapists who began meeting in 2016 while looking for connection with other expressive arts therapists in private practice here in Maine. They discovered through their conversations that they had been traveling all over the country to take courses, workshops and trainings in the expressive arts and that there were none being offered in Maine - and very few were being offered in New England. The Maine community was not well educated on the healing power of the expressive arts. Also, our Maine community of expressive art therapists was spread thinly throughout the state and we really did not know each other or have many opportunities to gather.

Bodhi and Stephanie decided to begin to host The Annual Self-Compassion Symposium for many reasons:

1. To allow opportunities for everyone to experience the healing power of the expressive arts

2. To teach creative practices/tools to encourage the development of self-compassion

3. To bring awareness to the expressive arts therapies

4. To hold space annually for connection and collaboration of the Maine expressive arts community

5. To offer opportunities for Maine Expressive Arts Therapists to gain more experience to present workshops

6. To create opportunities for mental health/healing arts professionals to learn healing tools through experience

Whatever your reason for attending, Bodhi and Stephanie invite you with open arms and hearts to attend this special event. Everyone attending has something in common - we are learning and healing through our experience. We are all exploring the gentle theme of self-compassion and believing we are worthy of healing. 

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